Telecom Expense Management Launched


We’re Committed To Cutting Expenses through Complete Telecom Expense Management

Walla Walla, WA (Press Release) January 8, 2013

Organizations spend between 3% and 5% of their annual telecom budget simply managing expenses. ComBrokers, a premier broker of telecom services in Walla Walla, WA, has launched a new program to help companies cut telecom expenses, identify potential threats, track inventories, contracts, invoices and more.  Many mid-sized firms have already discovered the savings to be had by implementing a telecom expense management program and more continue to discover the benefits each day. 

"We recently helped a casual dining client who has 124 locations. After their team had finalized on a solution, but before they signed the contract, they came to us for an extra set of eyeballs; ” said John Masoner, President of ComBrokers. “We found an extra $73 per location, per month in savings, resulting in a total contract savings of over $325,000. Furthermore, we helped them tighten up the "statement of work" in several places - one in particular was the "circuit acceptance" clause - which resulted in an estimated annual savings of $28,500, and we had the carrier  agree to a solid installation and deployment plan that will "standardize" the installation, and hardware layout at every location resulting in an estimated soft cost savings of ‘at least one IT employee’.”

ComBrokers offers services ranging from consultation to complete management.  Their team works with organizations of all sizes to reduce cost on data, phone, Internet, security, VoIP and more. In an effort to tailor services to a client’s specific needs, they have created three distinct levels of services. 

The complete telecom expense management package includes a free business communications audit.  Within this audit, ComBrokers identifies cost saving opportunities and passes the information along to the client in a simple to read report.  Each client is given access to the latest and most modern telecom industry expertise.

The security and credit service program is designed to keep networks and data free from hackers.  ComBrokers proactively monitors network anomalies, protects against DDoS attacks, filters visitors by utilizing firewall protection, incorporates cloud-based data encryption and more.

The telecommunications consulting program provides organizations access to highly qualified telecom consultants that will offer suggestions and ideal practices designed to create real savings.  ComBrokers has been in business since 1995 and their team has over 60 years of combined experience in telecom and expense management.

A recent report from Valico shows that telecom management is being taken over by the IT department.  In fact, the report goes on to say “As wireless, voice and data continue to bleed together, further driven by the rise of tablet computing, the lines blur on who should manage it.” Uncertainty is costly.  In this era of significant technological change, businesses need less blurring and more clarity.

The ComBrokers team is located entirely in the United States and has over 60 years of combined telecom experience. With decades of experience reviewing and negotiating hundreds of contracts annually, we typically generate 15 to 20 percent savings for our clients.


If you'd like more information about telecom expense management, or to schedule a consultation with ComBrokers, please call Sam at 855-426-6276 or email