Telecommunication Consulting Services

Highly qualified telecom consultants help you make the most informed decisions.

Telecom Consulting ExpertsWhen your firm is embarking on a new Telecom Expense Management initiative, consult with the qualified consultants at ComBrokers.

The professionals at ComBrokers have the background and expertise to provide you with suggestions and ideal practices that will create real savings.  Telecom is what we do and we will be there to  prevent you from losing money with a bad contract, poor implementation, or a flawed design.   
Most Telecom contracts are for 36-months, which goes a long way in the compounding of errors & and excess telecom charges.  We recently helped a casual dining client with 124 locations save over $325,000.
ComBrokers is a telecom consulting provider that presents you with an edge with regard to:
Business Intelligence: From historical audits to in-depth reporting capabilities, ComBrokers consultants will help you establish your organization's most important priorities.
Contract Negotiations and Sourcing:  ComBrokers will help you through vendor options and negotiations. Not merely can we supply worthwhile consulting throughout an RFP method, but we will also advise you on ways to get the most effective rates and terms for new providers or contracts. 
Outsourcing: Technical Support for telecom and data services demands a specialized skill set that may be tough to discover and highly-priced to employ. Nonetheless, whenever you take advantage with the outsourced resources offered at ComBrokers, rest assured that you have educated pros at your disposal around the clock. 
We have a combined  fifty years working experience, ComBrokers provides you unparalleled proficiency in telecom expense management and application development. By consulting with ComBrokers for your business, you will attain greater price savings and greater visibility.