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Think you’re getting the best rates? Think againEnd Telecom Contract Confusion

We see it all the time. Six months before contract end, a carrier reaches out with an attractive renewal offer—typically a 20 to 25 percent reduction. Their customer jumps at the thought of effortlessly cutting costs and closes the deal. The problem?  It’s probably not the best deal.

Although the standard contract term is three years, telecom pricing has historically decreased by at least 10 to 15 percent annually. In opting for automatic renewal, a company can be saddled with rates well above market by the end of the second term.  This doesn’t fly with ComBrokers.

With decades of experience reviewing and negotiating hundreds of contracts annually, we deliver the best possible rates, conditions and contract clauses available in the marketplace.  As our client you deserve to benefit from our experience.

Renegotiating a newly signed contract is an uphill battle. While you still have leverage, let ComBrokers take a “last look” at no charge.

Within 48 hours, we can benchmark proposed rates, terms and conditions against current market standards.  It’s a risk-free approach to reducing telecom spend - and it doesn't cost you anything.  The savings we find is "Found Money", the terms we help you negotiate is "Peace of Mind" and in many cases equate to significant savings in "Soft Costs."

It’s frustrating when you find out a company similar to yours is paying lower rates. You want the same discount, but you’re at mid-term.  ComBrokers can help.

You generally don’t have to “wait out your contract” to negotiate better pricing. ComBrokers has the expertise and strategic relationships to get it for you now. With insight not readily available to in-house teams, we’ve saved companies with two or more years to go in excess of 20 percent—at no risk to the original terms and conditions.

Let ComBrokers tailor a performance-based model to ensure a worthwhile return on your investment. Get started today.

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