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In 2022, ComBrokers conducted bill reviews for a staggering 311 businesses. Astonishingly, a whopping 98% of these businesses were found to have an incredible opportunity for significant savings. Don’t miss out on this golden chance to maximize your profits!





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What We Do

Extended Service Contracts

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Certified project managers and technicians can be deployed to lead initiatives of all sizes and scope – from low voltage cabling, demarc extensions, installations office moves software upgrades, and equipment refreshes.  Projects are completed on time and on budget..

Voice, Data, Mobility Audits

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2018 – 6686 locations reviewed,
99% of the reviews had savings opportunities.

29% Billing Erros
21% Fraudulent Charges
42% Over charged
35% Over serviced

SD-WAN, MPLS, 5G, Gigabit

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Fast is all your branch office connections running at Gig speed. Beyond Fast is managing them from a single screen.With our SD-WAN solution, we’re redefining what an enterprise provider provides.Building an application-centric network strategy. Optimizing application performance. And minimizing costs so you’re ready to take on the competition. — and take your business beyond. 

Network Design, Hardware, Fiber Optic, Ethernet

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Imagine a world where monitoring and managing the health of your network is as simple as viewing up-to-date information presented across a single, intuitive screen (single pane of glass).  Our engineers have designed hundreds of enterprise networks, 5 of them were over 20,000 locations each.

Cloud Services

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Despite the buzz surrounding the cloud computing, only a small percentage of organizations have actually deployed this new style of IT–so far. If you’re planning your long-term cloud strategy, our engineers can provide insider knowledge and actionable real-world lessons regarding planning, design, operations, security, and application transformation.

Cyber Security

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Cyber Security – the fastest way to lose your business.  Very few companies actually have a Cyber Security SOLUTION – by solution we mean a Pro-active strategy.  Most companies install a firewall, and call it good.  Cyber criminals are constantly improving their techniques and taking advantage of software vulnerabilities.  We are proactive, including educating and constantly “testing” your employees.


What People Are Saying

We didn’t believe the savings we were going to see until we started getting the new phone bills.  Nearly 34% in savings, or $282,000 over 5-years.  WOW!  

Adeline West

Divi Corner

We love our new network, not only is it twice as fast, and costs nearly 25% less, we’ve had two “outages”, however because of the Combrokers engineers and their robust network design we never lost connectivity, and our Point of Sale system continued to process payments saving us even more money.

Rachel Graham

Bloom Restaurant

Combrokers is very easy to work with, and they have more ways of saving money than we ever thought possible.  We put our office equipment under a service contract and should realize close to $40,000 a year in savings.

Theresa Reeves

Extra Space

We love our managed WIFI and Wireless network.  Our building was just a big dead spot, and when we walked outside our cell phones went nuts catching up on missed calls.  John installed a couple cellular boosters, and managed WIFI access points, and now we are connected no matter where we are in the building.

Ada Leonard

Monarch Inc

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